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20 ways to make the world a little better

I turn (turned?) twenty years old today! Thank you to those y’all who’ve stuck around, for putting up with all sorts of innocuous phases and obnoxious trends throughout the years. As a birthday present, it’d mean the world for you to check out this list. If any of my articles, videos, or captions throughout this time have ever had a positive impact on you, you can thank me now by giving some of these suggestions some mind. Lemme know which…

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Sexual politics | Dworkin

Happy Women’s History Month! What better way to celebrate than with some uncomfortable conversation and a self-perpetuated guilt trip? To kick things off, here’s a mini-introduction to some angry 70’s fem discourse. Andrea Dworkin was a second-wave radical feminist who poured the majority of her activism into exploring the politics of sex, particularly vocal within the anti-pornography movement. Although controversial and institutionally unsuccessful, her passion and its subsequent texts served a crucial role in shaping the rhetoric of today’s feminism. Many of…

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Bad sex

*A sort of disclaimer: my first time/s having sex was far from regrettable, but for the sake of this piece I will be (solely) addressing the “bad” parts of it. There is a colorful complexity of emotions I felt leaving sex, safe intercourse I initiated with a trusted partner who received my ongoing consent. But! Part of this content image is skewed by a lack of communication resulting from insecurities no doubt products of patriarchal conditioning, of which I feel are universal enough to write…

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What my 2016 (California) ballot looks like

I’m a California resident so this is going to be very specific, sorry! I voted for Hilary in the general election, though, ’cause I don’t want to see a conservative dominated supreme court reign during my lifetime. Plus, I DO want a president who is a slimy liar. Unqualified transparency shouldn’t run a global superpower, and outdated bigotry shouldn’t represent it either. (Plus! Most of the rags against her have either been disproved countless times over, or are made out of the…

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On originality and self doubt

An authentic self ain’t exist, bitch! No but really. I’ve been struggling with this new insecurity, and I sort of wish I could go back to hating my looks instead of hosting this existential crisis questioning my ingenuity. But not really. I actually gave myself bangs recently and I have NEVER looked better it’s disgusting. Unreal. Truly. I had my camera app open while writing this. Anyways, it’s been hard to tell which of my facets, if any, hasn’t been handcrafted, particular and strategic.…

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