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How does my vanity hurt you?

If there’s one insult I haven’t gotten yet, it’s whenever someone makes fun for me taking selfies. I really don’t get it. Like, yes…I take photos of myself…and post them online…onto my social media accounts…of which you choose to follow/creep. That’s kind of the whole point of online networking; showing yourself off in some form or another, from your political affiliations to killer bone structure. How is that condemnable? By any means? It’s also typically– near exclusively– applied to women. It’s always…

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I’ve got a yeast infection

(Well, had. This post took longer than I thought to write. I apologize for the hiatus!) Yeast infections. Just the word ‘yeast’ gives me the heebie-jeebies. I used to think they only happened to people with “dirty” vaginas; I certainly wasn’t one of those guys. I mean, I wipe front to back! I know shampoo and shaving cream has no business near my cooch. I’ve got a healthy pantie rotation. So when I first felt The Itch, I simply ignored it.…

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The armpit thing

Photo by Ruth Fremson/The New York Times Over a year ago I decided to grow out and dye my pit hair. Inspired by a picture of a girl with bright pink pubes; I ran to my local Sally’s, shocked the hell out of the cashier, and made my mother angry with my freshly bleached and colored armpits. I eventually recorded a video and published it to YouTube, explaining what I did, how I did it, and why I did it.…

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Community college isn’t beneath you

It’s sad to say the stigma surrounding local colleges actually prevents many people from seeing them as viable options. Community college isn’t a “real college”, right?  It’s where old people attend. Full of lazy, non-driven students. It’s a last resort. It’s a back-up choice. It’s not “good enough”? These institutions, though , can be just as rigorous and just as beneficial as any university or four year college. Whether it’s taking your general requirements or obtaining a full on bachelor’s degree,…

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My brother the murderer

****Some things to know before you read this post: This post is for me. For my family. For the families, for the moms, for the little sisters of criminals who are scared because they don’t know where to turn or what to feel. I wrote this for people who don’t understand how us, people who love “bad” people. I am, by no means, trying to invalidate anyone’s feelings or way of coping. I am not apologizing for anyone, lessening the severity…

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