Favorites: quick vegan breakfasts

School is back and with it comes the abstract concept I like to call…routine.

That’s right fellow lazy bitches, we gotta wake up at a certain time now, sleep in designated increments, have wholesome meals spread throughout the day consisting of strategic food group combinations that go beyond a salt and sugar binge sesh leaving us nourished rather bloated/sick/sad, yada, yada. It’s all very mundane, really.

So! Here are my favorite breakfasts I like to make, listed in order of effort, of course, so you don’t have to do much work. Also so I can refer to this post in about four days when I run out of things to eat again.

Half a watermelon or cantaloupe

Pan dulce (either conchas or those cookies with pecans in it) + mylk

Sweet Earth Big Sur breakfast burrito

Quaker’s Medleys (the maple pecan raisin flavor…unreal

Ancient Harvest hot cereal (comes in little packets, so bomb)

Avocado toast + sliced tomatoes + pepper

Silk soy yogurt + granola + blackberries

Chopped cucumber + lemon juice + Tajin

Quick oats + vanilla soy milk + handful of cashews


  • 2 bananas + 1/4 cup o’ frozen strawberries + splashes of mylk + a scoop of plant based protein powder (Sunwarrior in natural flavor…it’s the shit)
  • 3 bananas + 1 cup o’ frozen peaches + handful of spinach + splashes of mylk + scoop of plant based protein powder

Acai bowl

  • Sike! I live in California now and there’s literally an acai smoothie shop on every street corner
  • But if you wanna save six bucks, Sambazon frozen acai packs are killer (comes with directions, too, but really you blend it with some apple juice and bananas)
  • Throw literally anything on that shit. This kinda grub is all for aesthetics, not taste

That’s it. I only go to school three times a week, so when I sleep in I skip breakfast and dive right into an unrestricted carb fest.

If any of y’all come up with any others that take less than five minutes to make, do my uncreative ass a solid and lemme know! (And yes, it does have to be vegan…like…what kinda…question….)





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