Q&A with a murderer

Hey, everyone!

As many of you know, I have an incarcerated brother.

Recently I’ve had many people inquire to be his pen pal. I’ve also written a few pieces about my situation on multiple accounts of mine. This garners a lot of attention of course, and so many people come to me with questions I just can’t answer.

But my brother wants to. He wants to offer insight, and I want you guys to understand. I want people to see that criminals are people. With thoughts, dreams, talents, and strengths. They have endless facets, and some of them don’t deserve to be defined by some of them.

Criminals are worthy of love, of decency. They are capable of change, of remorse.

And even if they deserve condemnation or damning, I think this will be a good opportunity for everyone to become a little more open minded, or at least a new experience.

SO here’s how this is going to work: you fill out the form below with your question. Be it about his mind, addiction, mental illness, the criminal justice system, his favorite ice cream flavor. Even advice! An inmate’s insight is very unique, and extremely humbling. I will forward the questions at my discretion via email. This process is lengthy as the mailing system is quite slow, but as soon as I am able to will I publish the questions along with his answers on this website.

Some info about him: he’s about to turn 22 and is in a maximum security prison for two decades on 2nd degree murder (not premeditated). Struggling with depression and anxiety, my brother turned to self medication. Addiction turned him into someone he’s not, but he pleaded guilty and spared a trial. Pen pal inquiries here.

The rules for questions: common sense.

I’ll post his replies as soon as possible, check back in the upcoming week.

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