Addiction 101

Addiction and recovery curve

Addiction recovery tools

Addiction resources

Coping with addiction urges

Dealing with addiction cravings

Helping a friend with an addiction

How to quit smoking


The Fix

Overcoming drug addiction


Anger management

All about anger

Break something (virtual distraction)

Controlling your anger


10 anxiety managing tips

Anxiety info

Anxiety myths

Anxiety self help master post

Breathing technique

Breathing techniques #2

Breathing/grounding techniques

Calm down

Coping skills and relaxation

Coping with panic attacks

Coping with a panic attack

Coping with anxiety and panic

Dealing with social anxiety

Guided relaxation

Helping a friend with anxiety

Helping someone cope

Isochronic tones

Medication use

Noise machine

Panic and anxiety resources and information

Social anxiety tips

Stop worrying

Tips and tricks for dealing with anxiety

Tips for anxiety

Understand and manage anxiety

Watch “How it’s Made” to calm down

Yoga for depression and anxiety


Anorexia info

Bulimia recovery

Bulimia info

Binge eating info

Eating disorder treatment

Eating disorder recovery

ED recovery

ED recovery blogs

ED support groups

ED resource links

ED relapse prevention

ED recovery (NEDA)

EDFOS/NOSFED info (unspecified eating disorders)

Gaining weight after anorexia

Get help for your ED

Health consequences of eating disorders

Helping someone with a eating disorder

Helping a friend with an ED

Learning to love your body

Males and eating

Reasons to recover from your ED

Stop skipping breakfast

Understanding and managing eating disorders

You need to regain weight in recovery


Coping with suicidal thoughts


Depression and school

Depression and work

Depression resources

Grieving after a loved one commits suicide

How to cope with depression

Info about antidepressants

Online depression chat and help

Picking the right antidepressant

Suicide prevention

Talking to someone with depression

Yoga for depression and anxiety


We all react differently

Coping with Grief and Loss


Abuse information

Are you abusing your partner?

A woman as the aggressor 

Basics of a healthy relationship

Domestic abuse hotline

Five ways to escape an abusive relationship

Help for abused and battered women

Help for abused men

Healthy vs. abusive 

How (abused) men cope

I think I’m abusive

Love is respect

Leaving an emotionally abusive relationship

Posts about abusive relationships

Resources for abused women

Resources for battered men

Resources by state

Safety planning

Signs of emotional abuse

Signs of an abusive relationship 

Should we break up? How?

Support system

What is healthy?


Abortion for the U.S, the U.KAustralia, and Canada


AVERT (safe sex)

Bedsider (birth control)


“Fat Sex”


Kinsey Confidential (forum–research)

Leather and Roses (BDSM)

Literotica (my fav– read your porn!)

My Sex Professor (forum)

Polyweekly (polyamorous)

Queer Tips (LGBTQ+)

Sex Etc (general)

Submissive Guide (BDSM)

Top2Bottom (gay sex)

Why Are People Into That?! (kinks)


Coping with flashbacks

Coping with thoughts of self harm

Dealing with nightmares

Feeling safer

Information and resouces for male survivors

How to manage trauma

Oral health

Overcoming sexual abuse

Pandy’s (a forum/message board)


146 things to do besides self harm

First aid for self harm

Momma’s alternatives to self harm

SH alternative

Self injury urges

Self-injury recovery masterpost


1800 Respect (for sexual assault)

Apps for mental health support

Blah therapy

Can’t afford therapy?

Counseling and prevention resources

Dangers of your eating disorder

Different mental health professionals

Get help for your ED

Getting a therapist

Half of us

Hotlines/crisis lines

How to ask for help

Mental health advice

I’m alive (crisis network)

Quiet place project

Suicide Hotlines

Survivors chat

Talking about your mental illness

Telling someone about your mental illness

Transgender hotline

What to expect when calling a hotline


Bipolar disorder info

Bipolar disorder

Living with bipolar disorder

Understanding and dealing with schizophrenia 


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