Here’s what I use/check out on the regular to keep up with all that’s going on the in world! Whether you’re in traffic, sitting through a lecture hosted by an easily distracted professor, taking a long shit, or are tempted to lurk through your ex’s likes– you have the time to give a few of these your attention. Let it become as habitual as refreshing your finsta feed! And throw some recommendations my way, too; my commute is a total of five hours, and there’s only so many times I can repeat Stoney.


  • Countable (smoother interface and quicker updates than Trackbill)
  • US Politics (easier than downloading every news app individually)
  • VoteSpotter (less fancy than Countable but easier to track local politics/”follow” your local officials)


  • a16z
    • Tech trends, always features the coolest guest educators from around the world
  • Court appointed
    • A lawyer and a “dude” talking about prominent cases and their lasting effects.
  • Left, Right & Center
    • Usually four people from most mainstream points of political spectrum talking at eachother, and the end each has their own thirty second rant.
  • Life of the Law
    • Law in everyday life.
  • The Partially Examined Life
    • A philosophy podcast, I wish I followed it during my political theory course because they discuss works from everybody, honest.
  • Philosophize this!
    • Bunch of people theorizing about a bunch of texts.
  • The Politics Guys
    • The host is a liberal and his co-star is a conservative. A ton of interviews with seasoned professionals, where I get most of my reading reccomendations from.
  • POLITICO’S Nerdcast
    • Each episode revolves around three data points in current events.
  • Slate’s Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick
    • Contemporary law issues.
  • Tech Stuff
    • Exactly what it sounds like.
  • Ray’s Latino Talk Podcast
    • Current issues with an emphasis on the impact on the Latino community. Lots of Spanglish and situating jargon.
  • WSJ The Future of Everything
    • Transhumanism!

Radio stations:

  • 91.9 FM KVCR
  • 83.9 FM KPCC

Social media:

  • Who I follow on Tumblr (I just followed a bunch of random blogs under the ‘political’ category and it’s a mixed mess of Trumpsters and anarchists)
  • Who I follow on Twitter (I follow most U.S senators, Dems and Republicans. I also tricked myself into following right-leaning journalists so I don’t blindly trust everything on my TL…issa sport)


  • The Capitol Forum
  • SCOTUS blog
  • The New Yorker